School of Biotechnology

Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

Dr. S.R.D. Jebakumar
Dept. of Molecular Microbiology,

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      Research Interest:

1)Microbial degradation studies on agro-industrial Chemicals:

2)Immunochemical research on agrochemicals:

3)Medicinal plants active principle identification research:

4)Molecular and biochemical study on Urolithiasis

5) Testing the efficiency and uncertainty of sample processing for analysis of food contaminants in human food


1)      S.R.D. Jebakumar, M.J.V Barredo Medina, B.P. Gonzales, N. Tayaputch, and Yong Tack Suh, (1999) Fate of endosulfan in rice model system an international report, International Journal of Pollution Research, 18: 489-492.

2)      Jebakumar. S.R.D. and Sathiesh Kumar, T. (2000) HPLC detection of antibiotics in nectar and honey - in and around the southern part of Tamilnadu, India, Supplement to Plant and Cell Physiology, Vol. 41, 83.

3)      Jebakumar. S.R.D., (2001) Residues of Endosulfan and its metabolites in a rice field of Madurai, India, Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture, 20 (5), 305-309.

4)      Jebakumar Solomon RD., Subramaniam Kallidass and Jayaraj Vimalan. (2005) Isolation. Identification and study of antimicrobial property of bioactive compound in an Indian medicinal plant Acalypha indica (Indian nettle). World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 21, 1231-1236.

5)      Jebakumar Solomon RD and Subramaniam Kallidass. BHC and DDE in human blood in and�� around Madurai. Indian journal of clinical Biochemistry. 2005 (accepted, in press).

6)JebakumarSolomon RD.,��� Badri Narayanan K�� and��� Jeba Singh S.(2005) Control Release Formulations of Herbicides � An Evaluation of Sorption / Desorption.Soil Science (Communicated).


Research Activities

1)Microbial degradation studies on agro-industrial Chemicals:

����� For the past one decade we do screen and isolate the microbes (Bioremediation strains) degrading agro-industrial chemicals � working on biochemical and molecular level of bioremediation strains � also maintaining bioremediation strain stocks - analyzing the related enzymes and metabolites to elucidate pathways in degradation of�� biodegradable agro-industrial chemicals. We are using PCBSas a viable compound in active biodegradation.

2)Immunochemical research on agrochemicals:

����� We raise polyclonal/monoclonal antibodies against agro-industrial chemicals. And the responsible antibodies are used to detect the respective xenobiotic contamination in percolated ground water, agricultural�� run off, vegetables and fruits. We have developed antibodies to hapten bound endosulfan, fenitrothion, monocrotophos etc.

3)Medicinal plants active principle identification research:

����� This study involves purification of antimicrobial compounds from Ethno pharmacologically significant plants of both terrestrial and marine source, structural characterization and determination of mode of action of active principle against selected pathogenic microbes by proteomic approach and virtual in silico analysis of antimicrobial leads to the target proteins.

4)Molecular and biochemical study on Urolithiasis

����� This study involves induction of urolithiasis in animal models, study of metabolic factors involved in urolithiasis, screening the level of calcium oxalate in different food materials and study their effect on urolithiasis; screening the medicinal plants having lithotryptic effects and to isolate calcium oxalate degrading microorganisms and study their therapeutic role in urolithiasis.

5) Testing the efficiency and uncertainty of sample processing for analysis of food contaminants in human food

����� International Atomic Energy Agency funded project, Vienna, Austria (2002 onwards).




a) Completed Projects

1.Chemodynamics of Pesticides in rice fish ecosystem.�� Research contract number 5391/RB, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna,Austria, 1989-1991- Chief ScientificInvestigator

2.Integrated Environmental Research onthe Kaveri river- Pesticide residue analysis.�� The Madras Science Foundation, 1988-1992 Co-Investigator

3.Vitamin A analysis for Nutritional supplementation with Spirulina Algae to pre-school children in Thirumayam block -Jointwork with Shri AMM MurugappaChettiarResearchCentre,Madras, 1992-1993 - Principal Investigator

4.Studies on persistence/residues of Tilt(Propiconazole)onTea. Hindustan CIBA-GEIGY Ltd. 1993-1994, Co-Principal Investigator

5.Tilt (Propiconazole) persistence and residual studies on banana. Hindustan CIBA-GEIGY Ltd. 1995-1996, Co-Principal Investigator

6.Evaluation of Immunoassay Procedure for Pesticide Analysis Research contract�� 7486, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),Vienna, Austria,1993-2000 Chief Scientific Investigator


b) Forthcoming Projects

����� Nanocrystal-Based detection of mutations in Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1

Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by the defect in liver specific peroxisomal enzyme alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase (AGT). The mutations and polymorphisms in AGXT gene causes mistargeting of AGT to mitochondria instead of the normal location-peroxisomes leading to overproduction of oxalate and glycolate in urine and blood resulting in kidney stones and renal disorder. When untreated leads to systemic oxalosis and death. Herein, we demonstrate how inorganic nanocrystal tags can lead to distinct bioelectronic signatures for unknown individual SNPs as well as for known two-base mutations in a single DNA target. The high performance of electrochemical devices, their inherent miniaturization, and their low cost and power requirements make them excellent candidates for decentralized DNA diagnostics.



PhD Students

1.      S. Kalidass (Part Time)

������ PhD Registration number 0341; Dated 2-01-2000

2.      J. Vimalan(Full Time)

��������� Project Fellow IAEA Scheme; CSIR-UGC NET for Lectureship Passed

��������� PhD Registration number 1458; Dated 31.03.2005

3.      V. Satheeja Santhi (Full Time)

������������ UGC - JRF joined on 04.03.2005

������ ����� PhD Registration number 1549; Dated 19-07-2005

4.      K. Badri Narayanan (Full Time)

������� University Stipendiary Research Fellow joined on 11.03.2005

������� Ph.D Registration form directed to University Office on 26.12.2005


Project Fellow

5.      Mr. S. Jeba Singh

�������� Project Fellow IAEA Scheme