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   Dept.of Plant Biotechnology
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Research Publication

Research Interest:

  •  Study of Mechanism of Agrobacterium T-DNA transfer and improvement of Ti plasmid vector systems: 'Long transfer' effects in Agrobacterium Ti plasmid vectors and vir gene induction by rice have been demonstrated.

  •  Cloning and analysis of Mungbean yellow mosaic virus:- Cloning and sequencing of the virus have been achieved. Transgenic rice plants generated with Chitinase, B-1, 3-glucanase, osmotin and thaumatin - like protein genes exhibit high levels of sheath blight resistance.
  •  Genetic engineering of crop plants for fungal and virus resistance.

Major ongoing research programmes in the lab are:


    1. Genetic Engineering of rice for sheath resistance
    2. Molecular Biology of Mungbean Yellow mosaic virus Vigna(MYMV-Vig) and Genetic Engineering of blackgram for MYMV-Vig resistance.
    3. Genetic Engineering of coffee for leaf rust resistance.
    4. Development of Ti plasmid vector for selection marker elimination in transgenic plants.


    1. Elected Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences(2002)
    2. Elected Member-Guha Research Conference


    1. Greenhouse and Field trials ot Transgenic rice with sheath blight resistance.
    2. Genetics Engineering of Blackgram for MYMV-Vig resistance.
    3. Rice functional genomics - 'Gene knock out' in rice.
    4. Marker-free transgenic rice-Technology Development.



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