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  Research Interest

  1. Structural analysis of Outer membrane protein OmpC from Salmonella typhi and E. coli
  2. Understanding structural interaction of S.typhi OmpC with the antibodies specific to OmpC.
  3. Obtaining High resolution X-ray diffraction crystals of porin-lactoferrin complex
  4. Database creation of beta barrel membrane proteins, prophage proteins and HNH domain Proteins
  5. Purification of prophage encoded proteins
  6. Structural modeling and understanding of the role of myocilin in causing Juvenile Open Angle Glaucoma
  7. Computational analysis of genomes
  8. Simulation of OmpR-Envz two component regulatory system from E .coli


Department of Genetic Engineering

Madurai Kamaraj University

Current Projects
Our group mainly focusses on Structural Biology and Bioinformatics of Integral Membrane Proteins (Porins), aggregating proteins like McrA, and Myocillin. Xray crystallography is the main tool in charactersing the OmpC, OmpF, PhoE, McrA and Myocilin. Parallely we have constructed three databases for Porins(PRNDS) , Prophages(Prophagedb) and HNH(HNHdb) domains for further analysis of these characteristic protein families to aid in target selection for structural genomics initiatives. The crystallography study is aimed at deciphering biological mechanisms like baceriocidal activity of lactoferrin through its interaction with OMPs (Outer Membrane Proteins). OMPs are engineered to serve as epitope carriers and hence aid in vaccine design. We also do simulation studies of OMPs using GROMACS and use sequence analysis related parallelised software on a cluster



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Book Chapter
  1. N. Gautham, Karthe and S. Krishnaswamy (1999) Effect of alternating sequence on the structure of left handed Z DNA. Perspectives in Structural Biology, Univ Press, 593-601.



Principal Investigator

Prof. S. Krishnaswamy [email protected]
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N. Sundara Baalaji [email protected]
P.D Kumar [email protected]
K.A.V.S.Krishna Mohan [email protected]
Sankar M.R [email protected]
Balasubramanian D [email protected]
Alaguraj V. [email protected]
SriVidhya [email protected]
Palanivelu S [email protected]
Eswari P.J [email protected]
Poornima G [email protected]
Prasanth [email protected]
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Taru Deva
Preeti Mehta [email protected]
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Rajeshwari M [email protected]
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Jahnavi P [email protected]

PRNDS Porin Database Server
Prophage Database Server
HNH Database

Dr.G.S.Murthy, IISc, India
Dr.Anjali Karande, IISc, India
Dr.Ravi Acharya K, University of Bath, UK
Dr.T.P.Singh, AIIMS, India
Dr.Joel Sussman, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Dr.M.K.Mathew, NCBS, India
Dr.Jayant B. Udgaonkar, NCBS, India